6 Gaming Gears specially designed to up your game

As the sun of e-sports is mounting in India, Taiwan Excellence brings forward the gaming gears that’s just made to conquer the gaming championships. 

Here are the 6 awesome gadgets that you can invest in which actually upgrade your gameplay.

  1. AORUS CV27F Gaming Monitor

Get ready to experience the World’s 1st Tactical Monitor!

AORUS CV27F Gaming Monitor comes with the perfect curve for AAA games and an elegant design which uses an 8-bit VA panel that supports 90% of DCI-P3. As a tactical monitor, CV27F has all the tactical features which makes this monitor a perfect choice for gamers that love AAA games and media entertainment.

  1. Cooler Master Caliber R2 Gaming Chair

Now let’s talk about a comfortable throne that every gamer needs. Have a look at the Cooler Master Caliber R2 Gaming Chair that is built to last. 

Night-long gaming sessions can get tiring, so lean back and catch some rest. It is made to withstand a weight of up to 150kgs. The Caliber R2 lets you recharged right on the spot, just tilt back to your preferred position and rest with an ultra-comfortable neck pillow for support.

  1. BenQ ZOWIE ZA11

ZOWIE ZA series comes as an answer for the gamers who want to rest their palms on the mouse and those looking for a mouse which is easier to lift with a claw grip. In stark contrast with the FK series, the new ZA series has increased height on the back of the mouse to cater for people who like ambidextrous mice but want to be able to rest their palm comfortably on top of their mouse. 

  1. Thermaltake View 27

Game in a new perspective with the Thermaltake View 27 Mid-Tower Gaming Chassis. Designed with a transparent gull-wing window panel, take in the view with advanced floating GPU mounting system and skylight viewing. 

Add in options for air or liquid cooling, supporting up to 360mm radiators for optimized cooling performance. Tinted front panel gives users a clean look with options for LED Fan lighting to shine through and side ventilation panels for proper air flow. Built-in full length power supply cover gives a steam-lined look with mounting options for LCS cooling and Case Fan options.

  1. InWin Liquid CPU Cooler BR 36 IW-LC-BR36

Cool more than just the CPU!

In addition you can partner up with the Thermaltake View 27 Tower Computer case. The fan on the water block is designed to efficiently pull in air to create a rapid airflow towards the UMA (Upper Motherboard Area), getting extra thermal performance for VRM, Memory, and M.2 SSDs.

High heat produced by VRM in high loading will have an effect on the performance output of the CPU. The BR’s fan blower can effectively cool down the VRM, allowing the CPU to release its full potential and optimized overclocking. With outstanding AIO performance, the BR Series is tailored for all PC users, especially for those that operate with higher loads, such as gamers and designers.

  1. AverMedia Live Gamer Extreme 2

And if you want to show your talent to the world then here’s an amazing gadget that will enhance your Live streams. The Live Gamer EXTREME 2 (LGX2), a leap forward from its predecessor the LGX, keeps its extreme fast connectivity with ultra-low latency and Full HD video capture while adding a whole new level of technology to support lag-free recording at Ultra HD 4K resolution with 60 frames per second.