5 Smart Home Products that will transform your everyday living

With the advancement in technology, making our homes smarter is quite inevitable. Solving day-to-day problems at home is the need of the hour and smart products are just the solution.

Taiwan being the forerunner of technology and gadgets has some of the most amazing smart home products that can add convenience and ease to your living. 

Here are the 5 amazing gadgets that you can invest in which actually improve your day-to-day life.

1) Buder Portable hydrogen water generator

Recharge your water and enrich your body with active antioxidants with the Buder HI-TA 13 Hydrogen Bottle specially designed to offers us a huge collection of health benefits, among them anti-ageing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergy effects, and is able to penetrate just about every cell in the body, including the brain. Moreover, it can generate up to 800 ppb high concentration of hydrogen water in only 3 minutes.

2) Annie’s Way Ginkgo + Seaweed Anti-Wrinkle Eye Mask

Don’t have time to visit the salon? Then Annie’s Way is the answer for you! Annie’s Way FantasyLand Series is the latest offering in the sheet mask series. This eye mask provides the natural benefit of ginkgo, which prevents aging of skin, and brightens skin. Seaweed extract helps to rejuvenate the skin and increase its defense against the environment.

  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract: Soothes skin discomfort in addition to preventing aging of skin and brightening skin.
  • Seaweed Extract: Lengthens the duration of skin hydration due to its unique 3D moisture-lock structure.
  • Red Marine Algae Extract: Strengthens the skin’s defense capability against environmental stressors and prevents the aging of skin.
  • Mulberry Root Extract: Revitalizes dull skin appearance.

3) Optoma HD142X

A Smart Home is incomplete with a futuristic viewing experience. The Optoma HD142X is a dynamic and cost effective 1080p Home Theater Projector packed with an array of features including 3000 lumens, 1920×1080 Full HD Resolution, 1.1x Zoom, sRGB support, and 23000:1 contrast ratio. The HD142X is the perfect Home Theater Projector for watching your favorite Blu-ray movie on movie night or catching up with Games of Thrones on a Sunday Evening.

4) AIFA i-Ctrl

HE WHO POSSESSES THIS SHALL HAVETH POWER! Here’s our star product, AIFA i-Ctrl that holds the control of the devices of the entire house. You can control all your IR Remote Devices from Anywhere, Anytime all around the world using your Smartphone. The Best Smart Home Device which fulfills all the requirements for smart home solutions. Divine into the world of Home Automation from anywhere, anytime. Use i-Ctrl to set personalized schedules with different remote control buttons at various times of the day to suit your needs. You can create unlimited one-touch activities that group devices into customized experiences such as if you are away from home you can easily turn off the TV, lights, air conditioner etc.

5) ADATA HD710

Have photogenic kids that demand camera attention? Capture all the good and awkward memories you want and back it up at the ADATA HD710 1TB External Hard Drive and present it to them on their 18th birthday to surprise them! 

The HD710 external hard drive provides mobile, rapid, and dependable data access in a rugged and sporty package. The housing of the HD710 is composed of unique silicone material, and the drive incorporates military-grade shockproof and waterproof construction with an ultra-fast USB 3.0 interface. HD710 delivers ultra-fast USB 3.0 performance with a maximum data transfer rate of 5 gigabits per second.