5 Products to help you kickstart the smarter life at home

In this fast-paced life, living smart is the key to a happier life. With the world-growing rapidly and our ever-changing lifestyles, there’s a need for products that seamlessly integrate into our lives. That’s why we present to you some of the excellent tech products that will make your life easier and smart! This super buyer’s guide covers smart devices for every budget and every lifestyle. So check these cool products from Taiwan, which could help you kickstart the smarter life at home for yourself, or your loved ones.

  1. Optoma X341 3300 Lumens

Tried Netflix on a projector yet? Then it’s time to immerse yourself in a cinematic experience with Optoma X341 projectors. The Optoma X341 is the perfect XGA powered by 3300 lumens and a 22000:1 contrast ratio, the X341 impresses with an incredibly bright and sharp image, featuring rich color and deep blacks. Wall color adjustment utilizes various gamma profiles to improve brightness on projection surfaces of varying color while edge mask eliminates soft edges and jaggies on the border of the Projection image to produce a smooth, consistent image. The Optoma X341 enhances any presentation with fantastic detail, vibrant colors, and sharp text.

  1. Tokuyo Neck and Shoulder Massager – TH 519

A smart home is one that makes you feel relaxed after a tiring day at work. his amazing Neck and Shoulder massager will give you a soothing deep relief that you always wanted. Updated 4 deep-kneading shiatsu massage Heads Acupressure for headaches and captures the true kneading hand motions of a masseuse to deliver comfort and relaxation for tense neck and shoulder muscles.

  1. AIFA i-ctrl Wireless remote and voice controller

And while we are still talking about smart living, smarter than controlling all your devices with just a voice command. That’s when the AIFA i-ctrl comes in. A compatible & pocket-friendly device which allows you to integrate any of the IR Remote Device through its smart learning ability. AIFA i-Ctrl is compatible with both IOS and Android smartphones which makes it more convenient for its users. It can be kept anywhere in the plain and safe platform in the room from where all the devices can be controlled without any interruption. And that’s just not it! AIFA i-Ctrl can be easily integrated with Amazon Alexa which makes it smarter because after that you will be able to control all your IR Remote Devices through your Voice Command as well.

  1. mydlink Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera DCS-P6000LH

Worried about security at home? The mydlink Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera is just for you. It allows you to monitor, day or night, whether you are at home or away.

Built-in night vision together with motion and sound detection, alerts you instantly when something unexpected happens, giving you extra peace of mind with the latest in home security cameras.

  1. Buder Countertop Alkaline Water Ionizer

Healthy living is one of the main catalysts to a smart lifestyle, and switching to Alkaline water is one of them. A recent study shows that drinking alkaline water reduces “bad” LDL cholesterol and increases “good” HDL cholesterol. The Buder Alkaline water Ionizer is built with Advanced Technology Automatic reversed cleaning during Electrolyzing by 1/50 second & Automatic indicator alert for built-in filter replacement. It helps you restore an alkaline balance with the water your intake and helps you take the first step towards a healthier life.

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