5 Outdoor products that will make you go the extra mile

Taiwan never ceases to amaze us with some brilliant hi-tech products. Whether it’s gadgets for the future contributing to excellence living, or outdoor products for sports and fitness, the technology from Taiwan is enabling brands to re-invent themselves. With the world moving to a fit and a healthier lifestyle, it was imperative that Taiwan brought in some products that have been used regularly by outdoor enthusiasts, with a new twist.

Here’s presenting some state-of-the-art outdoor products that will make you want to have it!

  1. Saeko Marlin K9 Swimming Goggle

Love swimming? Look no further than Saeoko’s Marlin K9. Marlin K9 is a panoramic swimming goggle that is specifically designed for open water activities. Also, the curve lens that gives a wider vision for underwater swimming activities. It comes with a liquid silicone gasket and head strap offering a relaxed swimming experience. So the next time you go swimming, don’t forget to bring along 😉

  1. Transcend DrivePro 110

Planning a trip to the National Park? Or the next road trip to the highest peak? No matter where you are travelling to, road safety is important. Transcend’s DrivePro 110 dashcam utilizes the STARVIS™ high-sensitivity image sensor to provide high-resolution images with extremely fine tonal gradation even in low light keeping you safe, day and night.

  1. Adata Dash Drive Durable HD710

If you are a wanderer and work while you travel? Then you have to check out this amazing ultra-durable external HDD, designed for adventurers. Surpassing IP68 waterproof and dustproof standards, and being military-grade shockproof, offer ultra-durable protection for your data in just about any terrain.


If you look for weekend fun with kids? Then what’s better than a match of badminton, right? We present you the original Thruster K-F Claw which has undergone long-term development and repetitive tests and already possessed the ideal strength and characteristics in Power Type rackets. The main upgrade is to create additional elasticity and better handling feedback. REBOUND SHIELD combines highly resilient and durable glass fiber with multilayered frame design, enabling not only powerful hits but also incredible flexibility and comfort.

  1. Buder Portable hydrogen water generator

If you are a hardcore traveller and a health-conscious person than you will really like this portable hydrogen water generator on your next trip! Why? Traditionally portable hydrogen water generators from other brands are made of glass, but not in the case of this one. Buder wants to provide safe and healthy water to customers and that’s why the bottle is made of temperature-resistant, impact-resistant, and no bisphenol a Tritan material. It is also powered by an inbuilt and rechargeable battery. The bottle utilises electrolysis to split drinking water and produce hydrogen infused water.

With fitness being the new thing, there is a need for innovative outdoor products that can stand the test of time and environments. We at buytaiwanexcellence.in are here to bring you the brands and their products that are moving towards a healthier and an active lifestyle.